In this new race, a team of two people with one mountain bike between them will chase each other around the trails of LL “Stub” Stewart State Park, leap-frogging each other as they find 10 checkpoints over 13 miles before returning to the finish line.

What: Trail and mountain bike relay-like race
NEW DATE: April 5, 2014, 9:00 am
Where: LL “Stub” Stewart State Park, near Buxton OR (42 mins west of Portland)
Cost: $80 per team

 bike profile on trail by andy_c flikr  Feet at start line

Special Training Ride/Run: We’re hosting a training ride and run on the course on March 1st. Join us at the Hilltop Parking area at 9:00 am. Check out the Facebook group for more information about this. We’ll join the NW Trails Alliance afterwards for some trail building work.


Modeled after a the horse and runner Ride and Tie, in this version all racers start at once, with half heading out on foot and the other half on a bike. There are 10 checkpoints along the course that each person from each team has to visit. The strategy is up to you…

Strategy: The person on the bike can ride to the first checkpoint, drop the bike there and continue toward the next checkpoint on foot. Their teammate arrives on foot at that first checkpoint, picks up their team bike and rides to the next checkpoint. This leap-frogging can continue the entire course. OR… you can divide the legs between the checkpoints differently, having one person ride to all or some number of the checkpoints and the runner following. However you decide to divide the course up is between you and your teammate, but each of you must visit every checkpoint before crossing the finish line. This is a race designed for runners and mountain bikers, both.

The winning team is the one that gets both team members back to the finish line first, after each obtains every checkpoint. You don’t have to cross the finish line together, but the clock doesn’t stop until the last teammate arrives. If you miss any checkpoints, you can head back out to get them.

So find a friend who is a runner and/or a mountain biker and register for this fun event today. If you’re looking for a race partner, post on our race Facebook group.

Of course you can expect to have an awesome post-race experience, with food and beverage as a reward for your hard racing.

Online registration closes at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, April 2. Day of race registration is available but costs $10 more ($90 per team), so sign up today.

Packet Pickup: Join us at Western Bikeworks on Friday, April 4th from 5:00-7:00 pm to get your race bib. We might even buy you something to drink at this super cool bike shop’s Corsa Cafe. And all racers get a discount card good for 15% off anything in the store except bikes – sweet!


THANK YOU to our sponsor Western Bikeworks
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Photo credit: mt bike: andy_c on Flikr